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TS 420 STIHL Cutquik® Professional Cut-Off Machine

The TS 420 STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine — one of the best we've ever built. Helping you work longer and more comfortably, this cut-off machine comes with a 14" wheel, delivering a unique blend of performance and efficiency so you get the job done right. With the revolutionary X2 air filtration system, an anti-vibration system and lightweight design, you get low maintenance and more maneuverability. Its advanced engine technology also increases fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.

NOTE: Abrasive wheel included. Diamond wheel (shown) sold separately.


TS 700 STIHL Cutquik® Professional Cut-Off Machine

With a powerful, high-speed engine, it's easy to see why the TS 700 STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine is one of the most advanced STIHL Cutquik® machines ever produced. Featuring the X2 low maintenance filtration system, you get extended service cutting and airflow with almost 100 percent cleaning efficiency. Not only is this cut-off machine lightweight and well balanced, it also features a five-point dual element vibration control system — the right choice for even the most demanding professionals.


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TS 400 STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine

The TS 400 is a revolutionary concept from the number one name in cut-off machines worldwide. Features of the TS 400 are extremely long running times, a radical reduction in service intervals plus outstanding cutting performance. Available with either a 12" or 14" cutting wheel, the TS 400 offers many features that are exclusive to STIHL, including a semi-automatic belt tensioner and the ElastoStart™ shock-absorbing starter handle.

Note: Model shown with optional STIHL diamond cutting wheel.



TS 760 STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine

STIHL's most powerful cut-off machine. Designed for cart use and heavy-duty applications which require greater engine power. The EASYSTART® system with decompression valve and 3-stage air filter is standard. Available with either a 14" or 16" wheel for deeper cuts.

Note: Model shown with optional STIHL diamond cutting wheel.


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Diamond Wheels

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Optimum results from your STIHL Cutquik® cutoff machine can only be achieved with a cutting wheel that has been designed to match the machine's engine power. STIHL offers two types of abrasive cutting wheels: composite synthetic resin and abrasive diamond wheels.

STIHL offers laser-welded abrasive diamond wheels for high speed cutting of stone and asphalt. When handled correctly, their service life can be between 200 to 400 times longer than that of a composite wheel, depending on the material to be cut and the techniques employed.

Selecting the correct diamond wheel
Several classes of STIHL diamond wheels are available for cutting various materials. The table shows which wheel is appropriate for specific applications. Characteristics of each are as follows:

Performance Class 10 & 20
Our most economical diamond wheels, offering high-quality cutting properties.

Performance Classes 40 & 60
For more demanding tasks, Classes 40 & 60 wheels offer excellent cutting capacity and extended service life.

Performance Class 80
The top-of-the-line wheels offer a higher concentration and/or quality of diamonds, providing superior cutting characteristics and extremely long life.


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