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  HBC-series Cutter (HBC-19)
Multiquip's rebar cutters let one operator slice rebar more efficiently than manual cutters, torches and saws.

The hand-held HBC-19 cuts rebar up to 0.75-inches (2 cm) thick in 3 seconds with a 115V, 60 Hz single-phase motor. This rebar cutter has a built-in hydraulic pump with innovative magnetic particle filtering to ensure maximum performance. Our blades are manufactured from heat-treated, high-strength machine steel that is easily rotated for prolonged use and increased service life. The convenient HBC-19 weighs only 27 pounds (12 kg).

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Cutter (BC-25)
Squeeze a trigger and rebar is cut quickly and effectively. It's as simple as that with Multiquip's high performing rebar cutters.

Driven by a 115V electric motor, the BC-25 can be bench mounted at the shop or used on site from the back of a pick-up truck. This rebar cutter is designed for the biggest jobs around, slicing rebar up to 1-inch thick (2.5 cm). The units parts are all machined to tight tolerances for optimum effectiveness and Multiquip guarantees its reliability by subjecting each rebar cutter to no-load and actual-load tests prior to delivery.

  Bender (MB-25HD)
To complement our line of quality rebar cutters, Multiquip brings you the industry's preferred rebar bender.

The MB-25HD bends rebar up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter in mere seconds. This tool is easy to use, practically maintenance-free and comes with a standard foot switch for high-production bending. Driven by a 115V, single-phase electric motor, the MB-25HD is suitable for use in the shop or on the job site and its single knob control lets the operator select the precise bending angle up to 180 degrees. The rebar bender also has four built-in lifting handles and includes a tool kit.

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