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Drill Rigs


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NED’s Model 2001 Drill Rig is designed and built for years of trouble free service. With the industry’s largest column for its class it provides maximum rigidity for straight, accurate wet drilling of holes up to 10" in diameter standard. Holes up to 14" can be drilled using optional motor spacer blocks.


NED's Model 3001 extra heavy duty drill rig is designed for tough wet drilling jobs where a larger diameter and/or extra height capacity is required.

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The 4001 Hand Held Core Drill is the most powerful hand-held drilling machine. The 3-speed 4001 is fast and efficient in drilling holes in walls, floors, and ceilings. The 4001 Hand Held Core Drill is designed for a variety of materials, including Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Brick, Stone, Block, Chemical Anchors, and Wedge Anchors.


The 5001-2 Hand Held Pneumatic Core Drill is powerful and compact. Its 2.1 HP motor is ideal for cutting holes in walls floors or ceilings. It works with a variety of materials including concrete, brick, stone, block, reinforced concrete, chemical anchors and wedge anchors.

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Core Bits


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Dry Cutting Core Bits
NED-Bit Dry laser welded core bits are designed for drilling in brick and block with electric power tools. Laser welded segments give the NED-Bit Dry line the ability to also be used wet.

Diamond Blades

G-5 Blades

The G-5 Series of general cutting blades can be used for a variety of construction materials with high speed or skills saws. With lazer-welded segments, the G-5 Blades can all be used either wet or dry.

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General Cutting

High Speed Saws
Skill Saws

14" x .110
12" x .100
7" x .080 x UA
4.5" x .250
4.5" x .080
4" x .250
4" x .080
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