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Scoot-Crete MB11

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Scoot-Crete MB11 (Walk-Behind Power Buggie)

A smaller version of the MB16 power buggy, the MB11 incorporates a number of the same unique design features found in the MB16. These features result in an easy to service, low maintenance power buggy that is built to last.

The MB11 is powered by an 8hp engine directly coupled to a fan-cooled variable-speed hydrostatic pump. This arrangement provides speed or power depending on jobsite conditions and needs. Additionally, the full hydrostatic design provides improved dynamic braking.

The main frame is a welded boxframe that provides unmatched strength and structural integrity. A removable shroud protects the drive components and engine from concrete buildup. The vented shroud and “pull through” ventilation system assures safe hydraulic temperatures for longer component life.

All hydraulic hoses are enclosed within the main frame for easy access and protection. Handling is simplified by convenient lifting points and frame notch-outs for lifting with a fork truck.

The rear caster assembly consists of both roller bearing and ball bearing assemblies. This dual bearing design provides greater load carrying capacity than casters using only ball bearings.


Scoot-Crete MB16/21 (Stand On Power Buggie)

Since introduced in 1991, Miller MB16 power buggies have become the standard by which all other power buggies are judged.The 2" thick solid plate steel frame provides unmatched strength and structural integrity, plus greater durability and ideal weight distribution.The lower center of gravity and weight distribution provide excellent traction.

Heavy duty semi-enclosed band brakes are designed to stop the buggy if the engine loses power or if dynamic braking is lost due to hydraulic system failure.These brakes will stop the buggy safely in wet or dry conditions, whether on a level grade or downhill.

The MB16/21 is powered by a Honda engine directly coupled to a fan cooled, variable speed hydrostatic pump.The drive components are protected from concrete buildup by a removable shroud.This shroud is louvered to keep concrete out while providing proper ventilation.The high density poly bucket is impact resistant and designed to withstand the toughest use.All hydraulic hoses are enclosed in raceways for added protection. Handling is simplified with convenient lifting points and frame notch-outs for lifting with a fork truck.

The optional handle mounted dump/return control allows the operator to keep both hands on the handle bar while dumping and returning the bucket. This is particularly useful when placing material while backing up.

Scoot-Crete MB16/21

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MTB16 with optional half tracks installed

Scoot-Crete MTB 16

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Scoot-Crete MTB 16 (Half-Track Power Buggie)

Go where regular power buggies won’t go with Miller’s new Half-Track Power Buggy. No longer limited to hard compacted surfaces, the Half-Track can handle a variety of jobsite conditions including mud, sandy and loamy soil or wet grass.

The Half-Track features an optional four foot stake body bed that easily converts the power buggy to a tracked utility vehicle. With this conversion, the Half-Track can be used to transport a variety of materials, such as concrete forms, brick, block, sod and shrubbery around the jobsite.

The Half-Track comes standard with high torque hydraulic wheel motors that have twice the load rating of a standard motor and provide 32% more torque.

With the combination of the high torque drive motors and surface area provided by the tracks, the Half-Track climbs hills that conventional buggies can’t handle.

Miller’s Half-Track power buggies provide unmatched strength and structural integrity, excellent durability, and ideal weight distribution. With this new product, Miller redefines standards by which power buggies are judged.


MC250 Curbilder™ (Landscabe Curb Machine)

The MC250 is a smaller version of the MC family of extruded curbing machines and benefits from Miller’s 40-plus years experience in manufacturing extruded curbing machines.

The MC250 can be used in a variety of applications that require the placement of durable concrete edging such as golf courses, parks and recreation areas, water retention areas, garden borders, and miniature putting greens.

In addition to placing decorative landscape curbing, the MC250 is capable of placing commercial tack-down curbing ranging from low profile rollover curbs to standard parking lot curbing.

The auger provides a constant flow of mix under pressure through a compaction tube into the form. This process produces a finished curb that has greater strength than curb placed by a plunger machine.

The MC250 has a higher production rate of up to 12 feet a minute when using a mix with 3/8" aggregate.

The MC250 includes numerous safety and operation features found on the MC550 family of commercial extrusion machines and is backed by Miller’s exclusive 6-year warranty.

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MC550/650 Curbilder™(Tack Down Curb Machine)

Miller MC Curbilders™have offered unequaled performance and versatility for over 40 years.These simple and efficient machines continue to provide the most economical method available of placing free standing, high-density extruded curb from either concrete or asphalt.

Miller’s exclusive, interchangeable extrusion auger assemblies give each Curbilder the capability to extrude more shapes and sizes than any other machine, from a 3" high speed bump to an 18" barrier curb.Features like fully adjustable wheel assemblies and tie rod steering minimize site condition problems.

Other features reduce the skill level required to produce high quality curb.Included are an automatic centrifugal clutch, which guarantees smooth starts and proper auger rpm for optimum compaction, and a unique torque-sensing system that automatically disengages the machine’s drive in case of overload.Maintenance and clean-up are simplified through easy access and removal of all extrusion components -hopper, auger, housing and compaction tube.

A wide variety of optional equipment gives these machines the capability to meet the toughest specification work, including extruding reinforcing rod in the curb, extruding over pins, and extruding under existing guard rail. However, please contact us with your specific job requirements to ensure that a MC Series Curbilder is the correct machine for your job.


MC1050 Curbilder™ (Slipform Curb Machine)

Miller’s MC1050 Slipform Curb & Gutter machine places concrete curbing and sidewalks ranging from 8" to 48" wide and 5" to 18" tall. With curbing speeds up to 12fpm the MC1050 is the ideal machine for commercial and residential curbing jobs.

Miller’s modular frame design makes form changes a breeze and minimizes down time. With four available slide mounted hoppers the MC1050 can straddle forms up to 4' wide or offset to 18" left or right for placement next to obstacles. These features along with quick clamp vibrator mounts allow set up changes in less than 1 hour.

The hopper is fed by a high capacity conveyor located left or right side for easy access for the concrete mixer and can be quickly removed for cleaning. The hydrostatic drive and vibrators provide the operator complete control over the machine operation to produce a consistent and durable free-standing concrete product.

The front and rear boom-mounted control panels offer a wide selection of operator positions. This allows the operator to move the controls and keep adjustments at the operator’s fingertips from any position around the machine.

The MC1050 comes pre-wired to accept several automatic control options including laser, string line wand, or slope module grade controls and string line wand type automatic steering. Fully adjustable sensor mounts can be attached on several positions on both sides of the machine to increase set up versatility. With the optional laser grade control system, receiver masts are located at each wheel position and can hold elevation within ±1/8".

The MC1050's compact size allows it to be easily carried on a standard tandem axle trailer. Collapsible rear wheels allow the machine width to be reduced to 52" wide. Tie-down and lifting points are conveniently located at each corner.


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