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Vibratory Plates


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AP2000 Series

MBW's AP2000 Vibratory Plate Series is ideal for asphalt compaction, with a perfectly balanced mass, centrifugal force and amplitude. Features include replaceable, contoured wear edges for a scar-free finish and a gravity feed water system. The versatile AP2000 also has the lowest maintenance costs of any asphalt plate on the market today.
The AP2000S is lightweight yet highly productive in sand and gravel compaction. This plate is a high frequency, high centrifugal force compactor achieving up to 14 in. (36 cm).



The GP3000 Series of vibratory plates is an all purpose middle weight compactor that effectively handles granular and mixed soils to 18 in. (47 cm). With its optional gravity feed water system, this versatile machine also is an outstanding asphalt compactor. With many 20 year old GP3000s still performing, this series deserves its unmatched reputation for long term performance and low maintenance.

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GP 5500

The GP5500 Series of vibratory plates is a contractor favorite with its combination of superlative productivity and mechanical reliability. This versatile line features a self-cleaning plate and a one-piece exciter and base plate design.


GPR 65/68 Series

The GPR 65 & 68 Series is a compact reversible plate ideal for narrow trenches and confined areas. With a dual eccentric design for maximum compaction force and minimal wear, the GPR's reinforced shifting mechanism allows directional changes at full speed. The result is a highly productive, long lasting machine that proves smaller can be better.

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Walk-Behind Power Trowels

F-24, F-36/4, F-46/4, F-46/4 HD Models Available

MBW Walk-Behind Power Trowels are the lowest maintenance and longest lived power trowels available today. These rugged machines now feature safety rings to protect an operator's hands or feet from blade contact during operation. The safety rings are in addition to MBW trowels' standard guard rings that also increase safety as well as provide concentricity for maximum productivity and even finishes.

Other features include an over-built gear box with ground journal bearings, one piece worm shaft, and heavy duty hub and flange; a handle six inches longer than most competitors for greater leverage; and the industry's strongest spider assembly with teflon-lined, steel arm bore inserts that will not pound out. The blade arms are milled for precise blade alignment to eliminate wobbling and enable consistent finishes.

MBW Power Trowel options offer a Blitzpitch blade tilting device; custom blades (finish, combo or snap-on float); adjustable guard ring for edging; and a heavy duty kit to increase overall weight.

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Blitzscreed ®
    *Smooth, fast finishing
*Fewer sections, all bolted and interchangeable, provide easy assembly
*Made of lightweight yet durable aluminum approximately 8 pounds per linear foot
*Sections in 8 ft. 4 in., 4 ft. 4 in. and 2 ft. 4 in.
*(2 m 119 cm, 1 m 119 cm, .6 m 119 cm).
*Gas and air powered units

MBW's Blitzscreed® offers a lightweight, all bolted construction for speed of assembly and true alignment. The exclusive quick coupling system makes section assembly fast and easy. The unique cast aluminum A-frame design provides maximum structural strength. A double-jointed turnbuckle allows surfaces to be finished flat, crowned either parabolic, rooftop or inverted. Vibration is provided through an offset yet rigidly fixed bearing system that insures vibration along the full screed length and eliminates hammering action.

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Mortar Mixers

M-60, M-80, M-90, M120/121
Models Available

  Often viewed as a commodity, lower production cost is usually seen as the over-riding goal in mortar mixer manufacturing. It shows ­ overall mortar mixer quality and life have been deteriorating for the last 20 years.

MBW has chosen the less traveled, higher ground; we have not sacrificed mixer quality. You may pay a little more for a MBW Mortar Mixer, but the returns in lower maintenance and longer life are worth consideration. We're so confident in the superiority of MBW's mixers that we simply encourage you to take a look and draw your own conclusions. Here's a short list of things to compare: paddle shaft and clamping design, bearing capacity, trunion and pillow block quality, frame strength, drive gears, belt tension mechanism, drum latch/lock system, drum and grill weldments, engine shroud, front leg design, material types and gauge throughout the mixer.

MBW's latest addition... the MM121 Hydraulic Mixer. This completion to the mixer line was created with the goals of high production performance, producing less user fatigue and a longer lasting product that requires less maintenance. The final components chosen for this mixer include high torque output motor and a manually operated valve block for controlling the motor and dumping cylinder. The performance of the Hydraulic Mixer is close to that of the MM120 Gearbox Mixer, while providing the added benefits of a powered dump system and a reversible motor. Other features included are a suction strainer and a return line filter to protect the hydraulic system, a 15-gallon capacity in the oil tank to keep temperatures down, and the same torsion axle as the MM120 to provide smooth towing. The MM121 features redesigned paddles which are set at 45°, rather than 55° as they are on the current mixers. The new paddles will reduce torque requirement of the main shaft while not compromising the mixing performance.

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