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Magnesium Bull Float
*Lightweight, long wearing magnesium floats
*Multi-ribbed top for extra strength
*Complete with (4) hole bracket assembly
*Sizes range from 36"x8" up to 72"x8"


BIG "D" Blue Steel Float
* Rounded corners for a super smooth finish
*Comes with EZY-TILT® bracket
*Designed to accept weights for increased
blade tension
*3 sizes (48"x12")(60"x12")(72"x12")


Extension Handles
* Lightweight, extra strong magnesium or aluminum handle
* Molded thread plugs join handles together
*Available in sizes from 4' to 12'
*Fits all Kraft bull floats
*1-3/4" Dia aluminum button handles use with all Kraft *Bronco(tm), tilt brackets and EZY-TILT® brackets
*6' Handle length (swaged)
*Choice of 6', 8', 10' or 12' handle (with insert)

    Steel Fresno with EZY-TILT® Bracket
* Choice of Carbon Steel or Blue Steel blade
*EZY-TILT® bracket eliminates bending and lifting…controls blade pitch with a turn of handle
*Sizes from 24"x5" up to 48"x5"
    Magnesium Hand Floats
*Made of very hard and durable magnesium
*Ends are beveled and blade is broken in with rounded corners.
*Choice of wide magnesium float, fine line magnesium float, thin line magnesium float or cast magnesium float
*Blade widths of 3-1/8", 3-1/4" & 3-1/2" with lengths of 12", 14" and 16"
      All-Angle Fresno Trowels
All-Angle Steels Fresnos
*Available in Round or Square End
*Choice of Carbon or Blue Steel
*Fitted with 360 degree all angle bracket
*Sizes from 24"x5" up to 48"x5"
    Concrete Spreaders
Designed for spreading and grading of concrete

*Choice of aluminum or steel blades
*Fitted with 54" wood jam, 60" shovel type wood or 60" snap button aluminum handle
*Braces available for extra strength
*Blade width of 19-1/2", 20", 24" or 30"
    Magnesium Asphalt Lutes
*Dual Purpose head enables the spreading and grading of asphalt
*Lute heads are available in 24", 30", 36" or 42" width
*Use with 7' or 9' magnesium handle
*The #1 selling screed
*Lightweight magnesium screeds are built for strength and rigidity
*Available in (4) sizes: (1"x4"), (1-1/2"x3-1/2"), (2"x4") or (2"x5")
*Ranging in lengths from 6' to 24'
    Replacement Blades Proform® Power Troweler Blades
*Choices of finish, combination or float blade
*Each blade designed for longer life and greater performance
*Blades to fit most power trowelers on the market today
    ProForm® Power Troweler Float Pans
The best way to achieve flatter floors with less time on the job

*Float pans can be used on trowelers that turn either direction
*Float pans fit right over power troweler blades
*Float pans available in 10 or 12 gauge steel


Bronze Hand Groovers
*Smooth belt polished surface, makes it perfect for cutting sharp, clean grooves
*Long wearing with features the professional craftsmen demand
*Available in (13) different bit sizes

Plus ... a wide variety of Walking Bronze Groovers are also available

    Finishing Brooms
Perfect for brushing down concrete after floating
*Available in aluminum and wood heads
*Width choice of 24", 36" or 48"
*Brooms accept wood or aluminum extension handles
    Bronze Hand Edgers
*One-Piece Bronze Edger
*Turned up ends
*Belt polished surface for clean smooth edges
*Size 6"x2-3/4", radius 1/4", Lip 5/8"
*3 styles to choose from

Walking Bronze Edger is also available

    Hand Edgers
Rivet Free Blade
*Choice of blue steel or stainless steel blades
*Your choice of over (50) different sizes

Walking edgers also available


Concrete Stamp
The perfect way to mark concrete for permanent identification

*Made of high-grade bronze
*Stamp is 5"x9" oval with flat ends
*Stamp can be furnished with or without date
*16 spaces on three lines

    Texture Mats
Create a three-dimensional impression on concrete with all details of the shape, texture and feel of natural stone or brick

*Excellent alternative to brick or tile for patios, driveways, walkways, poolside decking and for many other applications
*Mats are constructed of durable 3/4" thick polyurethane
*9 different texture patterns to choose from
*Instructional video available


Release Agent
Dry powder release agent keeps material from sticking to texture mats
*Covers 800-1,000 sq. ft.
*Available in 5 gallon containers


    Mortor Boxes
* Available in two popular sizes; 7-1/2" Cu. Ft. and 9 Cu. Ft.
*Lightweight, but tough
*Not affected by heat or cold; easy to clean. Will not rust.
*(Must ship by truck).
    Super-Pro® Texture Gun & Hopper
Ideal for spraying: walls & ceilings, fire proofing, stucco, decking and waterproofing.

*Large hopper with molded built-in easy to grip handle
*Exact built-in 40 degree hopper angle…ideal for spraying ceilings
*Convenient shut-off valve
*EZY pull trigger… full grip for less fatigue

    Super-Pro® Texture Gun & Hopper w/Compressor
* Compressor unit is equipped with a 1 H.P. capacitor start electric motor with manual re-set thermal overload protector
*Compressor delivers 6.2 C.F.M. free air at 25 P.S.I
*Includes gun & hopper with 50' texture hose

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