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Concrete Pump (C-30HDN)
Mayco invented the small-line concrete pump and our pump line features an astounding array of standard and optional features.

The C-30HDN, after 40 years of production, is still the most popular pump on the market. This mechanical unit pumps up to 25-cubic yards (19-cubic meters) of concrete an hour with the strength of a 46-horsepower Nissan gasoline engine. The C-30HDN is ideal for shotcrete applications of stiff, low slump mixes such as swimming pools, ditch linings, soil stabilization and walls. It pumps a maximum aggregate of 0.5-inch minus (12 mm.) and comes standard with a remote control for easy operation.

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Mid-Range Concrete Pump (LS-40)
Big pump performance. Reasonably priced.

*Big pump performance. Reasonably priced.
*Variable volume output from 0 to 40+ cubic yards per hour (0 to 35 m³/hr)
*Designed to handle the larger 3/4", 1" and up to 1 1/2" aggregate (38 mm)
*Concrete piston face pressure of 925 psi (64 bar)
*60-HP or 75.5-HP Deutz diesel engines
*Extremely versatile—use for refractory, shotcrete, masonry block fill, slabs, footings, lightweight mixes
*True reverse shuttle tube pumping—for smoother operation
*Full flow, cast steel shuttle-tube for longer life
*Hard-faced wear components for longer life and lower maintenance costs


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