· Lockable instrument panel and side doors provide security.
· Strong and lightweight unibody construction.
· Electronic powder-coat paint for unsurpassed durability.
· Quick-glow automatic cold weather starting system removes guesswork.
· Automatic air bleeder system promotes safe operation.
· Stainless steel exhaust system provides longer life.
· Positive steel door latches secure automatically with door closure.
· Gas filled struts provide effortless door opening.
· Center point lifting eye supports weight of machine with full fuel load.

· High efficiency twin drive screw air end increases service life while promoting quietness.
· Automatic capacity control increases performance efficiency.
· Automatic shutdown and protection systems reduce costly maintenance.

Generous, lockable storage space for multiple 90 pound breakers, various tools and up to 50' of air hose.

· Lockable, full length side doors provide easy service accessibility.
· All drainage points are valved and routed for easier maintenance.
· Daily service points are positioned on one side of machine for convenience.
· Fuel line water trap prevents premature fuel injector failure.
· Filter condition indicators warn when filter changes are required.
· Efficient single filter (engine-compressor) design reduces routine maintenance costs.
· External seperation filter to reduce maintenance time and labor cost.

· Super low noise level design provides for 65 dBA noise level at 7 meters when idling.
· Seamless hull design contains leaks and spills that can contaminate environment.
· The lowest fuel consumption in class promotes conservation of precious fuel resources.

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